This is definitely not your aunty’s doctor. Here, oddly beige shirt jacks have been replaced with structured pinstripe shirts, and waist-cinching pencil skirts.

To wit, Anasha Tewari-Bridgelal.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve definitely come across this hot mama on the ‘gram, regularly outfit-of-the-day-ing with her preschooler son. This glamourous professional hails from Trinidad and Tobago, with a thoughtfully curated wardrobe that perfectly captures her chic, Caribbean lifestyle.

Her outfits are darling – she’s moderately besotted with stripes and florals; giving us a cool mix of rock-mom and lady at lunch. She even manages to look impossibly chic while covered in abir. So, there’s that.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite looks from Trinbagonian doctor Anasha Tewari-Bridgelal!

Photos via Instagram/ozzieandme


Jumpsuit by Tobye & Shoma

af wrap skirt

Wrap skirt by Adrian Foster


Jumpsuit by Afrofunkk

casual kurtah

Forget his hoodie. Wear his kurtah!




Another one bites the dust…


One way to do brunch…

bf jeans_fedora floral-coord-slit stripe-popcolour

L'Occitane UK